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Hello - Welcome to May Creative. I’m Izabelle May, a multi- disciplinary graphic designer based near London, offering creative services, design and art direction.

I graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BAHons in Graphic Design, more years ago than I care to mention. I’ve since worked on some amazing exhibits for the visitor attraction sector, on small scale bespoke print designs and on many things in between.

Focusing on public-engagement interpretive graphics, recent work includes large format graphics around immersive animal exhibits, designed to survive the outdoors and in other challenging environments.

Going back in time, I also spent several years designing title sequence television graphics for major UK broadcasters the BBC, ITV, ITN and independants, including interactiveTV interfaces for advertising and programmes (collecting a B+ award and project D&AD nomination along the way).

This honed practice in creating relevant design, engaging audiences and use of consise storytelling still informs my current work; everything I do is designed with the end user in mind - to communicate effectively and with visual spark.

My experience in overseeing many productions and installations, combined with the expected proficiency in industry standard Adobe software and track record of delivering to time and budgetary constraints, all bring ideas to fruition.

I work in partnership with clients to build insight, make engaging designs that communicates effectively with the intended audience. And which looks great whilst doing so.

Do get in touch if you think we could work together creatively on your next project.

Izabelle May

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